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What is the price of Blue Dinosaur?


OCEAN ART:(2019/12/10)
Raptor Blue is our star products. We will have our sales go over the details with you.

Animatronic price list


OCEAN ART:(2019/12/09)
We will let our salesman go over the details with you. We have many USA customers.

Quote for hand puppet, costume, small Dino ride.


OCEAN ART:(2019/12/09)
Thank you for contacting us. Our salesman will inform you all inforamtion via email soon.

Shaun Thompson:(2019/12/06)
Hello there I am seeing how much for a jurassic raptor puppet the I saw on your YouTube channel and shipping to Australia
thank you for your time…..

OCEAN ART:(2019/12/06)
Our sales will contact to tell you about the professional specifications of our product.

Angel Serrano:(2019/12/03)
Hi, interested in you realistic hidden Legs Trex. Price and shipping to Miami Florida USA

OCEAN ART:(2019/12/03)
We are very pleased to know that you are interested in our products and our products can be sent all over the world. Our professional salesman will contact you soon!

Marco Antonio:(2019/12/03)
Me interesa, cuál es el precio en USD o pesos mexicanos


OCEAN ART:(2019/12/03)
We will send you all the details via email. Please check your mailbox.

Riya Ajmera:(2019/12/02)
Hi, my name is Riya Ajmera. I am looking to rent a velicoraptor for an upcoming video that I would like to shoot in commemoration of the Jurassic Park anniversary. I hope you can offer me an affordable and reasonable price if the dinosaur is available, and I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

OCEAN ART:(2019/12/02)
We offer door-to-door service to U.S.A. And the price list is offered to your mailbox, we look forward to your reply.

David Gaby:(2019/12/01)
Greetings –
We are interested in an educational exhibit featuring a small dinosaur that was excavated near here, Anchisaurus Polyzelus. Is this possible? What would a animatronic model cost?
Thank you for your help.

OCEAN ART:(2019/12/02)
I’m glad you found us, we have a lot of customers like you in the United States. We will have our sales go over the details with you.

Please send a price quote for one realistic shoulder wear dinosaur, including transport cost to Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. Waiting for your news, meanwhile receive our best wishes.

OCEAN ART:(2019/11/29)
We will let our salesman go over the details with you. please note to check your mailbox.

Amanda Waterman:(2019/11/28)

Please can you send me prices of the sheep and shipping to the UK please. Many Thanks


OCEAN ART:(2019/11/28)
Glad you are interested in our products. We will inform you of the details via email.


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