• Product Name: AD-IN07 Animatronic Indosaurus
  • Model Number: AD-IN07
  • Type: Animatronic dinosaur
  • Material: Silicone Rubber, steel frame, elastic fabric, motors, etc.
  • Size: 3M-7M or custom-made
  • Functions: Mouth open and close with synchronized roar, head moving from up to down, neck moving from left to right, stomach breathing, tail wagging.
  • Features: Realistic, life size, simulation color, customized details
  • Advantages: Waterproof, weatherproof
  • Applications: Theme park, dinosaur park, water park, amusement playground, shopping mall, business exhibits, museums, etc.
  • Control Mode: Timer and Infrared sensor or button
  • Accessory: Rockery with speaker and controller box inside, cable.
  • Package: Bubble film
  • After-Sale Service: Free warranty for 24 months