Electric Department

Mr.Luo is an experienced Electrician Mechanic in dinosaur industry, he has a electric team in our factory and they are the Heart of Ocean Art Dinosaurs!


Mr.Zou-Mechanic Director

Mechanic Department

Mr.Zou lead the mechanic team to design the parameters of each dinosaur according to the biology and mechanicsmechanics.

Cici Zeng

Cici Zeng-Production Merchandiser

Product Department

Cici, Zeng is responsible for the everything to run an order smoothly – from material requirement sheet preparation to handing over shipment to buyer.


Danny Wan-International Sales Representative

International Sales Department II

Danny worked abroad and he is one of our foreign trade representatives, he’s familiar with Middle Easten market!

Ann Guan

Ann Guan-International Sales Manager

International Sales Department I

Ms.Ann is the manager of International Sales Department I, she’s experienced in Animatronic Dinosaur Industry, and she is familiar with Russian and Eastern Europe market.

Kelly Nee

Kelly Nee-Marketing Manager

Marketing Department

Kelly is responsible for developing strategies and tactics to get the word out about Ocean Art and drive qualified traffic to our front door.

Vivi Fan

Vivi Fan-International Sales Manager

International Sales Department II

Vivi takes charge of International Sales Department II, this team is really nice and harmonious with her lead. Vivi is familiar with American and Canadian market.

Lilian Cao

Lilian Cao-International Sales Representative

International Sales Department I

Lilian’s really a professional lady and she’s familiar with Nordic market.


Sunshine Chen-International Sales Representative

International Sales Department II

Sunshine joined our Ocean Art team 2 years ago, she’s familiar with Indian and middle easten market.


Lynn Lee-Senior Designer

Design Department

Lynn joined our team last year, she designs for our website, park lay-out, etc.


Jackie Cai-General Sales Manager

Marketing Department

Jackie had worked in Alibaba for 6 years, and with his leadership, our team became the stellar sales team of this industry!


Zhong, Daming-General Manager

General Manager

Mr.Zhong Daming is a professional paleontologist worked for museums over 20 years, he supervises the modelling and appearance job of Ocean Art.


Guo, Gang-Chairman

Board of Shareholders

Mr.Guo Gang build Ocean Art in 2009, and developed this company from a small factory to today’s top-ranking animatronic dinosaur factory, and all of the members of Ocean Art genuinely admires him.