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Sarei interessato all’ acquisto di un dinosauro animato elettronicamente.Le misure massime che dovrebbe avere sono: H250 cm, Lunghezza 400 cm, Larghezza 100 cm.Attendo notizie


OCEAN ART:(2019/11/16)
Our sales will contact to tell you about the professional specifications of our product.

Berginia Berrette Avril:(2019/11/15)
I need to know how much for this velociraptor and his much for shipping? How long will take to arrive in royal palm beach florida.


OCEAN ART:(2019/11/15)
Thank you for contacting us. Our salesman will inform you all inforamtion via email soon.

Álvaro yefrin suxo mamani:(2019/11/15)
Costo del velociraptor


OCEAN ART:(2019/11/15)
The price list is offered to your mailbox, we look forward to your reply.

Hello, i am planning on opening an animal themed park. i would like to purchase 20/30 life size animals, both domestic and wild. i would like to know some estimated costs – both the animals and their delivery ro romania.

OCEAN ART:(2019/11/14)
We have many cooperation cases in Europe. We will send you all the details via email. Please check your mailbox.

Hunter Clark:(2019/11/13)
i just saw one in a youtube vid and thought it was cool how much is the velociraptor blue


OCEAN ART:(2019/11/13)
We are very pleased to know that you are interested in our products.Our professional salesman will contact you soon!

I’m looking for an animatronics dinosaur that’s kid friendly for my facility….colorful and moves gently…..It cant be oversized….needs to be about 6 to 7 feet long and about 5 feet high

OCEAN ART:(2019/11/13)
We will let our salesman go over the details with you. please note to check your mailbox.

Zainab Mehreen:(2019/11/13)
Can you please tell me the price of this animatronic.


OCEAN ART:(2019/11/13)
Quotation Sent, please check your mailbox, Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lisa Baldacchino:(2019/11/12)
Hi, I am in the initial stages of putting together a business plan for a party and events business in Australia. We will be planning the design of our themed rooms and looking at budgets over the next few weeks but im slowly researching costs of the ideas myself and my potential business partners have put together.The designs we would need would be for kids so obviously we would want them realistic but Im thinking baby dinosaurs so they are not so confronting.I am wondering how I go about getting quotes on some of the dinosaurs you make.Thank you kindly

OCEAN ART:(2019/11/12)
We will inform you of the quotation via email. Please note to check your mailbox.

Jody Kingshott:(2019/11/11)
Hi I was wondering the price to ship to sault ste marie ontario . And the price of the raptor blue costume. Thank you


OCEAN ART:(2019/11/12)
We will have our sales go over the details with you. please note to check your mailbox.

Arihana Taiaroa:(2019/11/11)
Hi there, Would you please give me a quote for a dino costume? Do you ship to NZ?


OCEAN ART:(2019/11/12)
Our sales will contact you to tell professional specification and price of our product. please kindly note to check your mailbox.


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