Li Jiangjun:

Li Jiangjun, the member of the scientific expedition team, a dinosaur footprint expert, also a researcher of Beijing Natural History Museum. He have committed in dinosaur footprint study for many years and accumulated various of experience abuout scientific research.
Professor Li published many specialized academic papers and lead edited The Records of Vertebrate Paleontology in China: Mesozoic reptiles and bird tracks. Li Jianjun graduated from the SESS of Peking University and mainly researched about dinosaur footprint study. And he also is the Reasearch Scientist II(second grade professor) of the Beijing Natural Museum. Li Jiangjun have been concentrated in dinosaur footprint study over 30 years.)


Zhong Daming:

Zhong Daming,the director of dinosaur project, graduated from the department of econnomics of Sichuan University, the former general manager of Zigon Dinosaur Museum Tourism Service CO., Ltd. He began the development of manufacturing animatronic dinosaurs and simulated dinosaur skeleton specimens and simulation of animals exhibits since 1993. He designed and made thousands of dinosaur exhibitons for the museums and dinosaur parks during the past 20 years. The animatronic dinosaur exhibits he made for Tianjian Natural History Museumin 1997 was judged as the Excellent Technological EXhibits by Professor Zhao Jingxi, Who worked for IVPP of Chinese Academy of Sciences.